I Have WITNESSED America HIJACKED Last Night!!!!

I Have WITNESSED America HIJACKED Last Night!!!!

Last night, Sunday, March 21, 2010, will go down in history as a day that will TRULY live FOREVER ONWARDS in NATIONAL SHAME. The United States House of Representatives passed a law that is not so much as a healthcare reform bill, but a FREEDOM ENDING, a TAX INCREASING, and a BUSINESS/JOBS KILLING bill.

I have had last night WITNESSED America, the America I have been born in, and raised as well, HIJACKED last night by socialists who thought they have had GOOD INTENTIONS, but in reality, want to CONTROL not only I, but every American all in the name of “healthcare reform”. What were these House Dems SMOKING when they decided to take over one seventh of our nation’s economy. I do not speak these words very lightly. America has not only been hijacked, but its own very government has DECLARED WAR on its OWN PEOPLE.

To those who had elected Barak Obama as President, I have a question, how do you like your “hope and change?” If you lose your job, your home, your healthcare, and even your freedom, you have NO ONE to BLAME but yourself. I and many others did not VOTE for President Obama but have to end up suffering the effects of his election.

Last night and early this morning, I had surfed the “Free Republic” website. Never have I had seen so much DISPAIR as well as ANGER. The big difference is that with the former, it ends up moving on to a pity-party like thinking. With the latter, at least, you can get angry, but you made the decision to take action to fight back, do the NEEDED PUSHBACK to stand up and TAKE AMERICA BACK.

I have DECIDED to FIGHT BACK and do WHAT IS NEEDED to TAKE AMERICA BACK. I have begun to FIGHT!!!! Today, the American Revolution, Part #2 begins TODAY. :)=^..^=


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