The Passion/Resurection Of The Christ: THE GREATEST CHAMPIONSHIP

The Passion/Resurection Of The Christ: THE GREATEST CHAMPIONSHIP

As a fan of women’s college basketball in general and in a special way, of the University of Connecticut or UConn’s women’s basketball team, I am awaiting the start of the women’s final four in San Antonio, TX. What is witnessed here is not only the hope of a repeat to a national championship, but also with history on the line as well as a team to have two years, back to back, of NCAA national championships and two years of perfect seasons.

During this holy and special weekend, I have learned so much by taking part in the Easter Triduum at my parish church of Saint Christopher’s in East Hartford, as well as the masses for Palm Sunday and the Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday of Holy Week, plus taking part in the yearly Living Stations of the Cross as well, one special word comes to my mind. It is this, the word is: CHAMPIONSHIP.

Since Thursday night, I have been watching the movie, which I only do at this time of the year, because of both the purity and meaning of its Biblical message, ” The Passion Of The Christ “. To the credit of the visions in great detail seen by Blessed Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) and recorded by Clemens Brentano, an important literary figure of the period. A woman of devote faith, from the time she was young, plus a mystic and a suffering soul. She also became an Augustinian nun. She was also German. The full name of the book is ” The Dolorous Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. In 2003, actor and director, Mel Gibson did the movie version of this book. At first, there was attacks directed at Mr. Gibson for his decision to put onto film this movie because of concerns that it would reopen the old wounds of anti-semitic accusations. But the truth is that IT WAS OUR SINS that put Jesus Christ to death, not any one group of people. Once the movie came to the theaters and latter to dvd, it became a movie classic because it was faithful not only to the visions given to Blessed Catherine, but also to the Gospel accounts.

Getting back to the theme of this special Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday eve, which by the way is my birthday. I give thanks to God for the giving of another year of physical/mental life. Also I thanked God for creating my soul. This holy Easter, I GIVE THANKS to God for what He did to not only saved my soul, but the souls of ALL HUMANITY FOR ALL TIME. So also on the day I was baptized into the family of God in Heaven and into the Church. What Jesus Christ did starting on that first Holy Thursday, on that first Good Friday, as well as Holy Saturday, and most important, on that FIRST HOLY EASTER is, the GREATEST CHAMPIONSHIP EVER TO BE DONE, not only for the period that Jesus walked the earth, BUT FOR ALL TIME. At the foot of the Holy Cross and the empty tomb, Jesus Christ WON the VICTORY and thus the GREASTEST CHAMPIONSHIP over the world, the flesh, and over Satan himself.

For because of this great championship by Jesus at both the Cross and the empty tomb is WHY I AM A CHRISTIAN and A CATHOLIC. Dear Lord,Savor,King,and Master Jesus, THANK-YOU for suffering,dying,and rising for me. AMEN, SO BE IT and HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!


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