High Court Goes High Tech: Justices To Hear Employee Texting Case

High Court Goes High Tech: Justices To Hear Employee Texting Case

Welcome to the 21st century, USSC. With the 2009-2010 court term winding down, one of the court cases coming to the Supreme Court is in the area of texting.

We have done it so often, sent personal e-mails, surfed the web during company hours, even sent out questionable pictures via online or via the cell phones or blackberrys. The issue in question is on the rights of the employer. From Yahoo News: “The rules surrounding workplace communication in the digital age are pretty fuzzy; so fuzzy, in fact, that we still largely rely on parts of a federal law enacted in 1986 — back when fax machines were all the rage — to govern our privacy on technologies we use today. Calling someone on the phone or sending them postal mail isn’t remotely the same as sending a text or an email, so as technology develops, so must the laws that protect the privacy of our communication.

“[The laws don’t] really make any sense in the modern era,” says Jennifer Granick, civil liberties director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for free-speech rights in digital communication. “It’s just not the way the technology evolved.”

Problem is, tech has evolved so much and so fast that it is often so hard to respond with so much in the issue of rules, even for that of the hollow halls of the US Supreme Court Building. Read More Here:\"USSC And High Tech Issues\"


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