On Bombshell Revealed By Dick Morris On Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Waco

When Dick Morris last night REVEALED to Sean Hannity in light of the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City Bombing, that Ms. Reno had WARNED former President Bill Clinton that she would TELL THE TRUTH about the Waco raid which took place two years before hand the day before he would be sworn in to a second term.

What it all comes down to is that former President Bill Clinton is using this horrible event, the Oklahoma City bombing, with the deaths of up to 168 people to attack and defamed the good name of the tea party movement and those who take part in the rallies. The tea party people are CONCERNED about the over taxing and unfunded mandates, but also are TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS who HAVE LOVE for AMERICA. Also former President Clinton has NO BUSINESS attacking true AMERICAN PATRIOTS, conservative talk radio show hosts.

At a time when former President Clinton bad-mouth the tea party people and movement, there is Dick Morris, who worked under former President Clinton who is setting the record straight. With MANY THANKS to Speakmymind02. Watch The Video:


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