President Barak Obama SEEKS To Reconect With His Base For 2010, I See Desperation

I have just watched the special video on YouTube of a speech given by President Barak Obama, making another campaign speech not only for a young Democratic canidate by the name of Claudia Schulz. I SEE signs of desperation on the part of President Obama, KNOWING FULL WELL that November 2010 is SHAPING UP to be a replay of one November “1994”. Also it comes out by both the sound and sight of things a PLEA on his part for those folks, (meaning those who did not become victims of his bad economy) to help him.

Mr. President, it is not CERTAIN GROUPS of AMERICANS you NEED TO RECONECT WITH, it is ALL AMERICANS WHOM you need to reconect with. Begin the process by ACCEPTING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to LEAD as President, which includes SECURING the borders, including the southern border with the USA and Mexico and NOT have states such as ARIZONA have to be FORCED to do it. Watch The Video Here:

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