Bill O’Reilly: “Obama Goes Street”, About Matt Drudge’s Headline Report

Bill O’Reilly: “Obama Goes Street”, About Matt Drudge’s Headline Report

Does not Bill O’Reilly KNOW that Matt Drudge puts his finger on the pulse of the USA?

In this interview of Mark Halperin by Mr. O’Reilly last night about the issue of race, President Barak Obama and the horrible Gulf of Mexico BP/Deepwater Horizon rig explosion, sinking, and oil spill with the issue of race. This interview was based on a headline report by Matt Drudge at Drudgereport yesterday and with the theme, “Obama Goes Street”. From the interview, Mr. Halperin, and the interview by Mr. O’Reilly, had thought the Mr. Drudge was playing on the race issue in light of the oil spill.

From RealClearPolitics website, with a video:”Halperin was talking about the headline “Obama Goes Street: Seeking ‘Ass To Kick'” that ran on the “Drudge Report” earlier this week.

“He thought it would be cool and hip, but he knew full well that it was provocative and racial. I’m not saying that makes Matt Drudge a racist, but [what] I’m saying is Matt Drudge knows how to tap into the sentiment of a lot of his readers,” Halperin added.”

Mr. O’Reilly was NOT buying into the argument that Mr. Drudge was racist. Neither am I, because all that Mr. Drudge was expressing is using an urban term in regards to a major news story.

What I also see is in a much hidden way, the old and now tired accusation of using the “race card” to wrongly accuse others in this very hyper political correct era to silence constructive viewpoints on the current events issues. Also Mr. Halperin was more or less, grasping at straws for the most flimsy reason. All Mr. Drudge was doing was present a headline news report on his website, which he often uses eye grabbing headlines.

Read More Here And Watch The Video:
\"Mark Halperin Takes On Both Bill O\'Reilly And Matt Drudge On Headliner\"\"Obama Seeks To Kick Around Butt\"\"Mark Halperin Webpage\"\"Matt Drudge\'s Website\"


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