Michelle Obama Visits Panama Beach

Michelle Obama Visits Panama Beach

Ironic, that First Lady Michelle Obama, visits a Gulf Coast beach in Panama Beach, FL, yet, she, with President Barak Obama and family are going up to Maine, to Arcadia National Park, which BTW, I had the opportunity two years ago to go up and do about a week of camping. Beautiful national park area. Had fun myself.

Getting back to the First Lady, this is truly an act of hypocrisy when people around the country had to cut back because of the economy and on the Gulf Coast, because of the massive oil slick. First Lady Obama, people are starting to see through both you and President Barak Obama’s misleading beach promotion.Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS to CBSNewsOnline and YouTube.

Update: Here is another video, with MANY THANKS to RobtKraft and YouTube about the upcoming visit to Arcadia NP of the Obama’s. Watch Video Here:


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