ACLJ Stepping Up To The Plate On The Ground Zero Mosque

ACLJ Stepping Up To The Plate On The Ground Zero Mosque

American Center For Law And Justice, (ACLJ) is stepping up to the plate to take on the efforts to have a thirteen story Islamic mosque and community center built two blocks away from where the two WTC Towers once stood and where rebuilding is going on. As I had mentioned in a previous posting, how ironic there is a rush to get this mosque built at a time when a church, which was in the area on the day the two WTC towers was both attacked and was also destroyed on that same day, has hit roadblock after roadblock in efforts to get rebuilt. Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was around EVEN BEFORE the two WTC Towers were even built, have had to meet in a tent to simply worship. While there has been the start of efforts to begin the process, the rebuilding of the church has gotten tangled up in red tape which slows it down.

Update and Correction: The Rev. Pat Robinson founded the ACLJ. Thank-you for your understanding. :)=^..^=

With Many Thanks To Both OmniChristianVids2 and YouTube.

The first video Jay Sakrow who asks the needed, hard questions. Good for him. The more I live each day, the more I am learning that those who are to govern, go to war against “WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”.

Watch Videos Here:

Also With MANY THANKS to both ainisugar and YouTube. Watch Videos Here:


5 thoughts on “ACLJ Stepping Up To The Plate On The Ground Zero Mosque

  1. It will take a lot of donations to cover the 750 per hour + expenses that Jay Sakrow charges the ACLJ for his services.

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