Christine O’Donnell On Fox And Friends – She Can Win!

Today, the day after a very stunning victory for tea party conservative Christine O’Donnell of Delaware. She was able to pull off this win, not only because of her support coming not only from the tea party movement in Delaware, but from national conservative talk radio show hosts, such as Mark Levin. This morning she was on Fox’s “Fox And Friends”. She is a reminder that this nation, the United States of America is right now in revolt mode by many Americans. Despite bad reports coming from Karl Rove and a number of GOP establishment persons, Ms. O’Donnell’s win shows that Americans have had enough with both out-of-control spending and regulations. There is “no doubt” that Ms. O’Donnell CAN WIN. With MANY THANKS to both TheRealjohnny2k and YouTube. Watch Video Here:


  1. austin tx personal trainer · September 15, 2010

    Yeah, see can win. her web site is on fire raising money

  2. afrocity · September 15, 2010

    I hope she wins and beats the odds.

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