Matthews Asks O’Donnell’s Opponent: “Shouldn’t Her Christianity Prevent Her From Running?”

Amazing, just amazing. Chris Mathews of all people, would go out of his way to drag Christine O’Donnell’s Christian faith into the USA Senate race of all places, by asking the man who is running against Ms. O’Donnell. Oh Mr. Mathews, why does Ms O’Donnell’s Christian faith have ANYTHING to do with her campaign run for the USA Senate seat in Delaware? Mr. Mathews must be trying in desperation to find something wrong, “drawing at straws” anything wrong with Ms O’Donnell to say, discredit her? Now if she was say Jewish or even Muslim, a question I do need to ask: how long would Mr. Mathews “Hardball” show would last, being that he would be fired? We could very much be seeing the extreme desperation of the Democratic left for all to see.

With MANY THANKS to both joegeraden and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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  1. Marie Chelle · September 15, 2010

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