Chris Coons As The Taxman (Beatles “Taxman” As Feature Music Video)

I had the opportunity today to view the new video put into circulation by the campaign of Christine O’Donnell for USA Senate, (R/DE). This is the same video that conservative talk radio show Rush Limbaugh had played during the first hour of his radio show. This video, IMHO, is a BIG STINGING JUDGEMENT on Chris Coons and what he did as New Castle County Delaware Executive. There was NEVER a TAX Mr. Coons DID NOT LIKE. Mr. Coons would look around just to find brand new opportunities to get not only MORE TAXES, but even HAVE THEM RAISED. So much so, he even went out-of-his way to petitioned the DE state legislature to be given new authority to impose or levy more taxes on even more things or services that were NEVER TAXED before.

As a bonus feature, and in light of the recent celebration on the life and times of the late Beatles singer John Lennon, on what would have been his 70th birthday, and in light of this condemning video of Chris Coons, here is the famous song by the Beatles, called “Taxman”. OH CHRIS COONS! This song is DEDICATED TO YOU!

With MANY THANKS to both Christine4Senate and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Enjoy the special music video. This is the remastered version of the famous “Taxman” song. With MANY THANKS to both hotminn and YouTube. Watch Video Here:


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