The Next Speaker Of The House? Part # 2 Update

The Next Speaker Of The House? Part # 2 Update

Earlier, I had blogged on Representative John Boehner of Ohio,(R/OH),who could, if predictions are correct, see a LARGE election of conservative Republicans, come this coming Tuesday, November 2,2010 if he could very well become the next Speaker of the House. Another possible Representative who could be a possible Speaker, is Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana,(R/IN).With MANY THANKS to both CongressmanMikePence and YouTube. Watch Videos Here:

Update: A report came out stating that Rep. Pence may leave the House and look at  either running for the White House or the State House in Indiana in 2012. Read More Here:\”Rep. Pence Looking To Leaving GOP Leadership\”


8 thoughts on “The Next Speaker Of The House? Part # 2 Update

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