Matthews: We Voted For The “Patriotic” And “Inclusive” Obama, Now He’s Just “Elitist”

Wow, is Chris Mathews now starting to see the light of truth about President Barak Obama and the Democrats in light of the upcoming mid-term elections come tomorrow?

I sense that Chris Mathews is waking up to the reality that as Americans go to the voting booths tomorrow, Tuesday November 2, 2010 for Election Day and the mid-term elections that is starting to look like a major political earthquake that will make the mid-terms of “1994” look like a walk in the park.

From what I have seen in this video, Mr. Mathews is NOT VERY HAPPY with how President Obama has been acting as President, acting more and more like “elitist” Mr. Mathews state that President Obama has become. Well Mr. Mathews you are coming to terms with the reality that the man who YOU SAID ONLY TWO YEARS AGO he had given you “chills up your legs” now you sense has “betrayed you!”

Well Chris, KNOW THIS come tomorrow MANY AMERICANS, including myself are going to the polls to vote to do REAL HOPE AND CHANGE, THE RIGHT WAY.

With MANY THANKS to both joegerarden and YouTube. Watch Video Here:


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