That was the word that the Drudgereport summed up: Monster.

The recent snow blizzard that hit the northeastern USA, late Sunday morning into late Monday morning, stranding people going home from Christmas family gatherings by shutting down airports as well as train and bus depots.

From the AP:”

Officials urged anyone who did not have to drive to stay off roads in the region, where high winds pushed snow into deep drifts across streets, railroads and runways. More than two feet of snow had fallen in some areas by Monday morning.

The New York area, where cars abandoned in the middle of the city’s snow-clogged avenues stymied cleanup, took the brunt of a storm that meandered across the country over the Christmas weekend before plowing up the East Coast. States of emergency were declared in at least six states from the Carolinas on north. Jets got snowed in on the tarmac or never left the gate.

“People are exhausted. … They want to get home,” said Eric Schorr, 22, who was trying to get from New York City to Tel Aviv on Sunday night but ended up spending about nine hours stuck on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport, finally ending back in the airport around 3 a.m. His flight was rescheduled for 7 p.m.

Similar delays have produced outrage in the past, but Schorr said he and his fellow travelers were “as comfortable as you can be on a plane,” with the crew passing out drinks and serving dinner.”

This snowstorm, with had winds that had gone up to about as much as 80 mph, which in turn, knocked out power to thousands of people.

One of the effects of this storm was not only airlines having to rebook passengers, but also Amtrak had a breakdown in train service from New York to Boston.

Even those in public office had to deal with a frustrated public:”

Commuters waded through knee-high snow on sidewalks and unplowed roads Monday morning, and cars stalled repeatedly on snow-filled streets, including two city buses on a side street in Brooklyn. Cars left behind, along with the “furious rate” of 2 to 3 inches of snowfall an hour, slowed efforts to clear the streets, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

“It’s being handled by the best professionals in the business,” the mayor said Monday. “It’s a snowstorm, and it really is inconvenient for a lot of people.”

As for myself, I had to do A LOT of digging out today. It was no fun, but someone had to do it. Just happy to have to get it down and over with. The best thing is that I got to take a nap this afternoon.

Raw video from today’s storm. With MANY THANKS to AP and RuetersVideo. Watch Videos Here:

Read More Here:\”Storm Strands Buses,Planes,Trains,On East Coast\”


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