Profile In Courage, Sarah Palin,”America’s Enduring Strength”

In response to the false accusation, and Sarah Palin NAILED IT when she said, “a blood libel” in regards to the accusations coming from the liberal news media as well as political elites. I give Ms. Palin credit that she took the bull by the horns head on. Also shows a character that is courageous during a very difficult time for the USA. America, its good values and its people are the enduring strength of what makes the USA a great nation. To those in the liberal community of the USA, you FORGET that you are ALL A MINORITY AND DO NOT SPEAK FOR ┬áME, AN AMERICAN!

Give Ms. Palin credit also that she rose to the occasion to speak out a few days after this tragic event and not jumped unto the making politics of it right away on that very same day, Saturday.

Ms. Palin, by your very words, you spoke like a true leader. God Bless you.

With MANY THANKS to both JoolyUK and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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