Democrat Congressman: Tea Party “Reprehenisble” But My Nazi Comment’s Fine,(Okay To Play “Nazi Card”) Update

Well, the efforts to be “civil” between the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington, D.C. this week did not last too long. Once again, Representative Steve Cohen, (D/TN) calls the tea party movement, which is to be given credit for making a conservative GOP USA House majority possible, “reprehensible”, yet Rep. Cohen has NO PROBLEM with his “nazi” comments. How ironic this is, because it was the same Rep. Cohen who called for more “civility” to tone down the rhetoric¬†not that long ago after the horrible tragic aftermath of the recent Tuscon, AZ, USA, shootings.

Could it be that Anderson Cooper is trying to dig deep for the real reason why Rep. Cohen would use what I call the “nazi card”? Also Rep. Cohen made references to compare tea party members to that of the KKK. Rep. Cohen, are you THAT AFRAID of every day Americans doing what the USA Constitution “allows” for us to do, to meet and rally against the massive growth in both government spending and regulations in peaceful assembly? What concerned Americans are doing is simply expressing which is Americans right,¬†the frustrations of this out-of-control federal government. IMHO, what is truly “reprehensible” is a federal government that cannot live in its means or respect the rule of law.

With MANY THANKS to both joegerarden and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS to both Greg Hengler and Read More Here:\”Calls Tea Party Reprehenisble\”

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