Videos From Different Scenes During Japan Earthquake: Update

Videos From Different Scenes During Japan Earthquake: Update

“Office workers watch a skyscraper sway from side to side as the earthquake hits the Japanese city of Shinjuko.”

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“New Japan tsunami video shows wall of water crashes in the fishing village of Iloka.”

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As survivors of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami grappled with the enormity of the devastation, more footage emerged on Sunday showing the moment the tsunami struck Japan’s northeast coast. Residents of the port town of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture watched in horror as the first huge tsunami waves hit, sweeping away cars and buildings. One group managed to scramble to safety on higher ground, where they watched as the water surged towards them. Others were stranded on the roof of a multi-storey building as the water level rose rapidly below.”

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“After three explosions at Fukushima’s nuclear complex, Jim Axelrod reports on the condition of the estimated 50 workers inside the plant and the dangers they face amid high levels of radiation.”
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Japan Disaster Hits Tech Supplies

Japan Disaster Hits Tech Supplies

“Prices for key technology components extend gains, as damage caused by Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan threatens to disrupt the global manufacturing chain longer than many had expected.”

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Former Speaker Pelosi:”From Day 1 Obama Was A Job Creator”

Former Speaker Pelosi:”From Day 1 Obama Was A Job Creator”

Former USA House of Representative Nancy Pelosi,(D/CA), for want of a better word really, really had to sink so very low to have said what she had said on the USA House floor on saying that from “day 1” President Barak Obama was a jobs creator. That with two other whoppers in her speech that the Democrats “fought for” fiscal responsibility and that the “government” needs to be jobs creator really, really, really went over the top.

What Rep. Pelosi says is enough to want to make you barf:

“Democrats have long fought for fiscal responsibility.”

“President Obama was a job creator from day one.”

“Democrats “saved/created 3.6 million jobs” and “reduced the deficit” and created “fiscal soundness.”

“I believe we have an obligation as a government to be job creators.”

All of the above is just simply is PRICELESS.

IMHO, Rep. Nancy Pelosi not only is delusional as she can be, but also is an outright liar.

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More Miracles: Two Dogs Make It Through Tsunami

More Miracles: Two Dogs Make It Through Tsunami

Two dogs, who were thought to have been killed in the tsunami, which were both able to survived.

For the family of Masaki Kilkuchi, who had heard the warnings of the massive earthquake and had to run upstairs to get his twelve-year-old daughter, who was sleeping at the time. Koya Kikuchi, the twenty-year-old daughter of Mr. Kikuchi was coming home from work at a local restaurant and was riding home on a bus. When an electric power line fell in front of the bus, people began to get out of the bus.

Ms. Kikuchi then ran to her cousin’s house which was not far from the stopped bus. After asking her cousin to give her a ride to get home and rescue her dog, was stopped by police who warned her that a tsunami was on its way she could not go any further.

From the Wall Street Journal online edition:”I told my cousin that I was going to walk. She told me that I would die if I went,” said Ms. Kikuchi. “I was crushed. I thought they were dead.”

But the two dogs were able to escape after breaking free from the ropes that tied them both to the shed and ran up on the outdoors stairs to the second floor level of Mr. Kikuchi’s house. They had to wait for a long while, which even surprised Mr. Kikuchi’s who even wondered how they were able to make it through the disaster.

Going on further:”Two days after the earthquake, Mr. Kikuchi ventured out from the evacuation center where his family had reunited unharmed. He walked in rubber boots on the debris-covered roads still covered in flood water with his feet sinking in the thick mud below.

When he finally got to the house, sidestepping a car that had shifted to block the entrance to the driveway, he could hear the barking.

“I was happy to see them because I had felt badly about leaving them behind,” said Mr. Kikuchi. He gave them water, food and brought them inside after cleaning them up.

Mr. Kikuchi knew that his daughter Kayo would want to see Towa and Melody, so on Monday the two of them set out to make the same journey across roads covered in thick mud. “This is where I would walk them everyday,” she said.”

But both knowing that it has been a very difficult time for those who lived through this horrible experience of the tsunami, it was best that the dogs stayed at the house.

“There are lots of people dead and it’s too much to ask to bring the dogs,” said Mr. Kikuchi. “It would be inconsiderate to other people’s sadness.”

After reading this special animal rescue story, I come away realizing that be it that of a major disaster situation, or a much simpler rescue such as hearing from my “season citizen” mother about a picture of a jet black short-hair cat that was rescued by a good smaritian that she had seen on the early morning local news, truly the people who rescue animals I call them by one name: HEROES.


With MANY THANKS to both Daisuke Wakabayashi and Eric Bellman, as well as the Wall Street Journal Online. Read More Here: \”Two Dogs Defy The Wave\”