Stephen King’s Rant On GOP,”Democrat Civility” On Display For ALL TO SEE: Update

Good golly miss molly, what has horror stories author Stephen King been doing as of late, hiding under a rock?!

Thank-you readers for letting me get this “classic rant” today. In the aftermath of the recent Japan earthquake and with calls to help with relief efforts, why the verbal cannon balls at the GOP, beginning with Mr. King calling the Governor of the state of Maine, a Tea Party member, a “stonebrain”? “Democratic Civility” on display for ALL TO SEE.

Then Mr. King says he can pack up and move to Florida. Well Mr. King, you will not be too happy with the new USA Senate Senator Marco Rubio, who is not only a conservative Republican, but also has had and still does the support of the Tea Party Movement. Also Florida is very, very good for being a state with NO INCOME TAXES and other conservative polices.


Mr. King, meet USA Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, (R/FL). From an interview by conservative talk-radio show host Mark Levin.

With MANY THANKS to both breitbart, Mark Levin, and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

When it comes to helping those in need, Americans are a very, very generous people. As is seen going on now with different groups going to earthquake stricken areas of Japan and helping people and animals during this most difficult time for that nation.

But what people in America Mr. King will not stand for is for a federal or even on the level of state governments levels, which goes out-of-its way to confiscate TOO MUCH in the way of taxes as well as over-kill in government regulations.

With MANY THANKS to both NakedEmperorNews1 and YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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  1. Niclas · March 16, 2011

    Hi, I’m almost thirteen and I’ve taken a liking in Stephen King books. I really want to read his book Cell, but he has so many books and I don’t really know where to pick up after it. So I was wondering Stephen King lovers, Which of his many books did you enjoy the most?

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