Krauthammer Destroys Obama’s Excuses:UPDATE

Krauthammer Destroys Obama’s Excuses:UPDATE

THANK-YOU Charles Krauthammer for telling it JUST LIKE IT IS.

To Mr. Krauthammer’s credit, he goes down a list of all showing of Americans whose deaths was either video during the gruesome process of being murdered or after their horrific deaths, often with either still pictures or videos. This includes the videos of the people who had jumped to their deaths from the burning World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 on September 11th, 2001 to shock and horror of many Americans. Yet President Barak Obama CANNOT produce one REAL PICTURE of a dead Osama Bin Laden. To the CREDIT of Mr. Krauthammer, he not only REBUKES President Obama, but also DISTROYS the excuses one by one.

Even last night, on “Hannity”, Sean Hannity interviewed conservative writer, Ann Coulter. She not only had talked about her upcoming book, “Demonic”, but also about taking down of September 11, 2001’s mastermind Osama Bin Laden. She made no bones about it that the American people can “handle” the pictures of a very much “dead” Osama Bin Laden, but Ms. Coulter did add, it would also show how American’s tax dollars are being used. 

Also to add; Ms. Coulter cites what Osama Bin Laden said about “Arabs Admire Power And Strength,” plus Ms.Coulter had said, citing what Osama Bin Laden had said about the stronger horse winning.

IMHO, as, difficult as those dead Osama Bin Laden pictures are, it was very difficult, and even worse, for Americans like myself to have watched people having jump to their deaths from two burning World Trade Center Towers nearly ten years ago. Having put out those pictures would not only have sent a message that “JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE”, but also it would it would have”SERVED AS A NEEDED WARNING” to those in the Muslim world that do treat Osama Bin Laden as a folk-hero that they too, will come to a very bad end. Also by NOT putting out the pictures serves as a form of appeasement to the hyper-sensitivitives of those who have been supportive of Osama Bin Laden. As for putting Americans into danger, the last ten years, Americans have been in danger. Plus, the Islamofacists HATE AMERICANS anyways, despite all the efforts to appease them.

With MANY THANKS to joegerarden,,TaxTeaParty and YouTube. Watch Videos Here:


Third video has a gentleman who says it much, much better then I could ever do, about President Barak Obama going to Ground Zero in New York City: “The OBSCENE DEFINITION of HYPOCRISY.”

With MANY THANKS to Greg Hengler and Read More Here:\”Krauthammer Destroys Obama\’s Excuses For Not Releasing Bin Laden Photos\”


5 thoughts on “Krauthammer Destroys Obama’s Excuses:UPDATE

  1. OBAMA is a very weak and untried human being.
    He has been carried through life as a druggie, a
    smoker, a drinker and a weakling.

    1. President Obama THINKS that by taking out Osama Bin Laden is a key towards him getting relected in 2012. He forgets that is just one factor and that he CANNOT depend it along to carry the rest of the body of his work which I would give him a FAILING grade to the rest of the body of his work. Just because he had directed the Navy Seals 6 to take Osama Bin Laden out on May 2011, does not promise his relected in November 2012.

    2. I think you’ve confused President Obama with George W Bush – former cocaine and marijuana user, alcoholic, failed businessman, and hanger-on to his daddy’s coattails.

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