Admiting It! (Rep. Anthony Weiner)

Admiting It! (Rep. Anthony Weiner)

Today, during a press conference, USA House of Representative Anthony Weiner, (D/NY), came out TO ADMITING that he sent out via Twitter a lewd photo of himself.

While during the press conference, a very embattled Rep. Weiner spoke of admitting to have posted the lewd photos of himself on Twitter. He had addressed in this press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in mid-town Manhattan to what he did what he thought was a joke to a woman in Seattle, WA. In his own words Rep. Weiner confesses to what he did today:” “Last Friday night I tweeted a photograph of myself that I intended to send as direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle. Once I realized I posted it to Twitter, I panicked, I  took it down and said that I had been hacked. I then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake.”

Weiner apologized to the Seattle student, who was on the receiving end of the tweet. “To be clear, the picture was of me and I sent it. I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife Huma and our family, and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff,” Weiner said.

In coming out to ADMITING IT, Rep. Weiner is a symbol of a nation that has fallen of the tracks of what is right and what is good. Rep. Weiner’s admitting to these lewd actions shows how far this country has come, and it is very IRONIC that on this day, when sixty-seven years ago, many HEROIC young men, in defending the USA, during World War 2 went to their deaths fighting not only for the freedom of and the saving of the world on the beaches of Normandy that we have now a member of the USA House of Representatives who acts like a teenager when he should know better. Lord HAVE MERCY on America, it WILL NEED IT!

With MANY THANKS to CBS New York. Read More Here:\”Anthony Weiner Admits Posting Lewd Pictures To Twitter And Making \”Terrible Mistakes\”

With MANY THANKS to both PoliticsNewsNews and YouTube. Watch Video Here:


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