This Is Childish, NOT Leadership

This Is Childish, NOT Leadership

When after having gone out for a while, having come back online, and seeing a YouTube video about President Barack Hussein Obama deciding to WALK OUT ON THE REPUBLICANS during the debt talks, I could not believe both my eyes and ears both seeing and hearing that this President of the United States ACTED like a little kid who could not GET HIS OWN WAY on the subject of TAX HIKES.

With the recent downgrade by Moody’s today and now add to this, because of the out-of-control borrowing and spending over the last two years which brings the USA to where it is today. Add to that and the growing concern and anger in this country coming from the everyday Joseph and Mary Q. Public which was seen in great detail in the mid-terms of last November when conservative Republicans took over the USA House. All that the conservative Republicans are rightly demanding, with the American people who voted for them is to BRING BACK fiscal sanity to the D.C. Beltway.

What has happened tonight is that President Obama, seeing for the first time members of the opposing political party not bending to his demands for tax hikes, so acting like the little kid who decides to pick-up his baseball and baseball bat and go home shows NOT LEADERSHIP in any way, shape. or form but instead decides to throw his version of a TEMPER TANTRUM. 

With MANY THANKS To Both jackohoft, PoliticsNewsNews, And YouTube. Watch Videos Here:

With President Obama having walked out and the left all besides themselves over the fact that Americans such as USA House of Representatives Michele Bachmann, (R/MN), and a GOP USA Presidential candidate has the courage to not only stand up to President Obama but also the courage of her convictions as well.

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