President Obama, Where Do You Get That 80%?

President Obama, Where Do You Get That 80%?

Today during President Barack Obama’s most recent press conference today, and it seems they are  becoming much more often presented, President Obama says about the hottest of all the issue, about wether there should be an increase of taxes. President Obama even mentioned about raising income taxes and says that according to about 80%, and YES you read this here, 80% of the American public agree with him, (President Obama) and want a much more balanced approach to resolving this federal budget debt crisis. 

First of all, WHERE IN WORLD PRESIDENT OBAMA DID YOU GET YOUR 80% PERCENT FIGURE IN THE FIRST PLACE!? President Barack Hussein Obama, you were CAUGHT in a BOLD FACE LIE today! Did you not know that Americans are simply are getting fed up  with the out-of-control spending President Obama and if you REALLY POLL Americans President Obama they would also take you to task on the over-use of that national credit card President Obama over the past two years!

Also another thing President Obama, PLEASE, NO MORE PRESS CONFERNCES until you can announced that a REAL budget plan is in place with the NEEDED BUDGET CUTS that HAVE TO BE MADE. May I also add that you STOP attacking and demonizing the USA Conservative House of Representatives Republicans and LEARN to work with them President Obama.

With MANY THANKS To Both joshpnw2 And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

One thought on “President Obama, Where Do You Get That 80%?

  1. I am sorry this has nothing to do with the current topic that is being spoke about… but this has been bothering me since President Obama has been in office I have noticed that the overall lack of or the unwillingness not to call him President Obama but rather Mr. Obama in the media or while on T.V is to say the least very under minding. I am a black Republican proudly and respectfully but it strikes me as odd that none of the former presidents were ever called Mr. anything it was always with respect President Bush,Clinton, Ford, Reagan……… You never heard anyone just say Mr. while these men were in office… that might sound insignificant to some but I feel that this very small lack of respect or recognition is part of the reason that nothing can get done in Washington. with out a huge tug-of-war….Call it politics maybe it is, but I just feel that there is a overall sense of I am disagreeing with you just because I can… why??? Is it because he is black I hope not Presidents in the past had political battles while in office but not to this extent… not when the whole nation needed solutions it shows a lack of integrity that I have rarely seen only since former President Bush was in office now I am not saying I agree with everything the President has done not at all but come on people lets have some class and dignity and respect the man for the position he holds without this respect Washington will never get anything done… or maybe I am just paranoid……

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