Tonight, while I like so many Americans have been dealing with three-digits heat, I have also have become HOT for another reason. Tonight I have heard that there has been a break-down in discussions on the federal debt and the debt ceiling, in which the deadline is coming up very fast.

What I had also have heard is a USA President, Barack Hussein Obama, who has more and more become impossible to listen and to understand why he does the things he does. In his latest trip to the mike, he speaks like it is NOT HIS FAULT. President Obama, Speaker of the USA House, John Boehner, (R/OH), and the rest of the USA House of Representatives Conservative Republicans have been bending over backwards to meet highway with reasonable requests that there be needed cuts, capping of spending, and NO HIGHER TAXES. But President Obama is simply has become way too unrealistic in his demands. Even today, the effort to get pass in the USA Senate of “Cut, Cap, And Balance” went NO WHERE. THANK-YOU SENATOR HARRY REID for blowing a chance at having a sane answer to the D.C. gridlock.

With MANY THANKS To Both TaxTeaParty And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

It seems like not just only President Obama, as well as Sen. Reid is simply are playing games with the USA’s economy as well as economic future, but also the Democrats are playing games as well. All that the conservative Republicans in the USA House, but also the American people as well as this blogger has HAD ENOUGH with the childish games that President Obama and the Democrats are playing. This is NOT FUNNY or FUN. This also extends to any RINOS who will not listen to the American people that budget mess has to be cleaned out, come NOVEMBER 2012 will be given their (RINOS) walking papers too as well as President Obama and the Democrats.

With MANY THANKS To Both JohnBoehner And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made these remarks on the House floor.”


Obama sees his job as President of the United States as one that is beneath him. True satisfaction will only come for The One if he is elected president of the world.”

With MANY THANKS To Both Greg Hengler And joegerarden, With YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Read More Here:\”Obama Complains About His Job\”

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