Left Behind At The Altar (President Obama)

Left Behind At The Altar (President Obama)

The recent federal budget debt talks, which also focused on the issue of the “debt ceiling”, looked a lot more like the old children’s game of “musical chairs”. It started first when Vice President Joe Biden had talks with the conservative Republicans of the USA House of Representatives. When those talks fell through, just like the removing of a chair after a song that is played is stop, with the children trying to go for a seat and the lone child that cannot find a seat has to go out. In the case of the Vice President Biden, just like the first kid to go out when that chair that was there is taken out before the song is played again, the first talks failed.

Then came the talks between the USA Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner, (R/OH), and President Barack Hussein Obama, and once again, like the musical chairs game, before the song is played again and the children around and around the same chairs, another chair is removed. Just like before, when the song stops, the children run quick to get to the chair, and another child who could get to one on time, goes out. When the Boehner/Obama talks fail, then next comes the famous talks with USA Senators Mitch McConnell, (R/KY), and with Harry Reid, (D/NV), add to that and the famous “gang of six”, a team that had both Democrats and Republicans of the USA Senate that came together to craft a resolution. When it seems like more chairs of this musical chairs game were taken out after the song ended, new life came back to the Obama/Boehner talks.

When Friday night came and those talks blew up, with both President Obama and Speaker Boehner both having press conferences, the decision was made to have Speaker Boehner, Sens. Reid, McConnell, and USA House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, (D/CA) meet together, just the four of them, leaving President Obama OUT OF IT. Just like the child who could not race in time to get to a chair, President Obama now has to look in from the outside as Reps. Boehner, Pelosi, and Sens. Reid and McConnell work out a different resolution to the USA’s financial budget debt mess in order to prevent possible economic disruptions in not only the American business markets, but also business markets around the world.

Just like what President Obama said Friday evening, he felt like a bride that just was left behind at the altar, and in my comments, now is like the little kid who could not get to an empty chair in time once the music stopped during the musical chairs game, the four most important players in this federal budget and debt mess, must all come together to resolve to clean up this mess before August 2, 2011. President Obama, you NOT ONLY WILL HAVE TO BECOME THAT BRIDE THAT IS LEFT BEHIND AT THE ALTAR, but also that LITTLE KID who is OUT of the MUSICAL CHAIRS GAME and now HAS TO WATCH THE OTHER KIDS PLAY MUSICAL CHAIRS.

The more President Obama seems to become more out-of-touch with not only with the conservative Republicans of the USA House of Representatives, President Obama has also lost touch with successful American business people such as for example, the co-founder of “Home Depot” who was very blunt about what is the chief cause of what preventing a full-fledge American economic recovery; the United States federal government. Sadly, even everyday Joseph and Mary Q. Americans are as well coming around to realize that even President Obama is simply not acting like a USA President at all.

With MANY THANKS To Both AP And YouTube. Watch Videos Here:

“In the weekly Republican radio address, Rep. Jeb Hensarling says, President Barack Obama needs to, “Work with Republicans to cut up the credit cards once and for all,” as the two sides struggle to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling. (July 23)”

President Obama, you cite both former USA Presidents Ronald Reagan and William (Bill) J. Clinton, in regards to resolving the federal budget debt mess. The BIG DIFFERENCE President Obama was that they did not keep on using the national credit card like what you have done to the point of “maxing it out” President Obama.

“President Barack Obama is calling on Republicans to make a deal cutting the deficit and increasing the government’s borrowing limit to avoid an Aug. 2 default after House Speaker John Boehner walked away from the table Friday. (July 23)”

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