A New London Blitz

A New London Blitz

Over the past few days, there has been a new blitz going on in the British city of London. This time, unlike the one that took place during World War 2, it is because of major riots that have brought nothing but mass destruction to a number of businesses in that city. 

And not just only London, but a number of other cities across Britain have been subjected to rioting as well. What triggered the riots was the death by shooting of one Mark Duggan, by the police the previous Thursday. While the details need to be sorted out, the result has been brutal looting, rioting, and arson in a city which not too many months ago both Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton had gotten married as well as the host of the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics.

A question I do ask is this: Could what we be seeing in London be a WARNING to America of what could be a possible trigger to violence in a number of American cities beyond what has been seeing in what have been called over this summer called¬†“flash mobs” ?

Only time will tell, but with an American economy which is still very weak, with recent downgrading of its credit rating and a nation still very polarized between now and November of 2012, it will also be the same TIME that will have to do the answering.

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With MANY THANKS To Both The First Post/The Week And Ben Riley-Smith. Read More Here:\”Mark Duggan: Gangster, Family Man, Or Both?\”

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