Fruits Of Liberalism: London Riots And American Flash Mobs

The riots in London, England, UK, and the flash mobs in a number of American cities, are fruits of LIBERALISM gone wild indeed.

Over the course of this summer, beginning in early June in  Chicago and as of recent, Philadelphia, and across the ocean in London with riots both being done by young people who have been raised by with an expectation of living off of entitlements from the nanny states on both sides of the Atlantic. Add to that and with the help of the social networks and blackberries to organize both the rioting and the flash mobbing.

What I have seen on tv, hear on the radio, and after watching with reading online, IMHO, in regards to the London rioting and the American flash mobs is that both are the results of not only liberal government polices but also a the result of the breakdown of the faith and morals that have served western society so very well. When both faith and morals are driven out of the public square, structure in public order breakdown and the horrible results are for ALL to see. When there is no order or structure, it has to be filled by something else and it is what has been going on the past week and the course of the summer.

IMHO, it is TIME for the liberals to FACE THE MUSIC and ACCEPT responsibility for sowing the results that are being realized on both sides of the Atlantic.

With MANY THANKS To Both LukeSimms And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS To aprilmcclellan And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS To slappy09 And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Above video of Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia in appearance at a local church this past weekend.

“British Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament said the government is looking at whether there should be limits on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook if they are being used to spread disorder. (Aug. 11)”

With MANY THANKS To Both AP And YouTube. Watch Video Here:


  1. Sandra Hopes · August 11, 2011

    My favorite is Mayor Nutter.. But you are right we are now reaping the harvest of allowing this in the first place.. Conservatives are as much at fault as liberals, we didnt stop it when it started.. We allowed them to infiltrate our schools, our government and change our laws with teeth to a toothless legal system that now protects and pampers the evil. What the heck did we expect?

  2. Martin · August 11, 2011

    My only contention with your post is that “flash mobs” are inherently American. Black flash mobs have been troubling Europe of nearly 25 years. It’s nothing new there. But it is a new phenom in the US. Although they haven’t been “recent” in the US either (Media censors it due to its cult of multiculturalism where they must protect minorities at ALL cost, for some reason), but they haven’t been around in the US before 10 years ago. You might want to go on youtube and look up flash mobs in France, Sweden and Germany.

  3. annem040359 · August 11, 2011

    This should come as no surprised, because this comes decades after the “great society” experiement has left its mark.

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