Chris Mathews And Jim Hightower “Mocks” Gov. Rick Perry’s Faith

Chris Mathews And Jim Hightower “Mocks” Gov. Rick Perry’s Faith

Once again, the attacks on TX Governor and now GOP Presidential candidate for the upcoming 2012 Presidential elections Rick Perry, (R/TX), from MSNBC’s Chris Mathews of “Hardball”. Mr. Mathews interviews liberal radio talk show host and TX native Jim Hightower. Mr. Mathews asks Mr. Hightower “how ugly he is” , that is, Governor Perry. Mr. Hightower tells about Governor Perry that with him, you get a “two-fer” or in other words, to add my own words, a “two different Gov. Perry’s” meaning a tea party movement person and a George W. Bush plutocrat. Once again, every effort on the part of both Mr. Mathews and Mr. Hightower to do their spin on Gov. Perry.

Going on further in the short video presentation, Mr. Hightower also talks about Gov. Perry and the recent prayer conference that Gov. Perry attended before coming to his decision to run for the White House. Once again, to do more spinning, Mr. Hightower then goes and cites scripture to say that Jesus commands that Christians are to pray in secret. But also Mr. Hightower, did not also Jesus say that “when two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst” as well? Also Mr. Hightower, I have always believed that God ALSO hears prayers in three different ways: YES, NO, AND WAIT. Also, if my memory served me correct, and I could be wrong in this, did not the recent TX drought just ended with a recent downpour of rain because of a tropical storm not too long ago? Could it very well prove about God answering in those three forms of answers? Only YOU can answer that one Mr. Hightower and Mr. Mathews.

With MANY THANKS To Both joegerarden And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“I’m not surprised that Matthews and his ├╝ber liberal guest, Jim Hightower are incredibly ignorant about Christians whose hearts and therefore their lives have actually been transformed by their faith in Jesus. I was surprised to hear Chris admitting that his nominal (read: liberal) Christian pals do not treat their faith in a manner like Perry: “That turns off a lot of people where I come from.”

Note that in 1990 Hightower lost his seat as Agricultural Commissioner to Rick Perry.”

With MANY THANKS To Greg Hengler And Read More Here:\”Matthews Mocks Perry\’s Faith And Asks Guest To \”Tell Us How Ugly He Is\”


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