Rep. Maxine Waters At War Against The Tea Party Movement

Rep. Maxine Waters At War Against The Tea Party Movement

When it comes to acting “civil” it is in regards to this USA House of Representatives, Rep. Maxine Waters, (D/CA), the call to act “civil” has fallen on her deaf ears.

This past Saturday, back home, Rep. Waters had nothing but harsh words to say about the tea party movement, from “The Daily Caller” :

“This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned — the tea party can go straight to hell.”

IMHO, I am not surprise Rep. Waters would by those same words declare war against a movement that has grown with each new day in strength because of a good many Americans who have become very concerned about the course of the direction that the United States of America has been heading since the coming into office of Barack Hussein Obama as President.

While from the same article Rep. Waters says that “I’m not afraid of anybody,” I sense that Rep. Waters has also become because of the success of the same tea party movement, as seen by the November 2010 mid-term elections of conservative USA House of Representatives Republicans, and is looking to have future success in the USA Senate and White House, this Rep. Waters is acting more like a radical liberal who is defending the record of a major political party which has been responsible in bringing ruin to the USA.

IMHO, Rep. Waters is a REMINDER that the upcoming elections in 2012 are going to become not just ONLY a referendum on President Obama but also a referendum on the Democratic Party which with each new passing day is becoming more like an outright socialist party that would be compared like those socialist political parties in Europe. Rep. Waters is a visible reminder of it.

With MANY THANKS To Both Jeff Poor And The Daily Caller. Read More Here And View Video:\”Maxine Waters: \”The Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell\”

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