Brief Lesson In Being Humble

Brief Lesson In Being Humble

During the course of the storm or rather hurricane/tropical storm Irene, on a serious note if anything today and everyday there is lesson that is learned and it is the importance of being humble.

When it comes to the storms of nature, it gives me pause to realize that no one person is in charge, but the ONE who is in charge, (and it is not President Barack Hussein Obama) in reference here is AMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF. He is the ONE and the ONLY ONE who is IN CONTROL.

As I get older, the brief lesson I am learning and having to relearn again, now with dealing with, not only my own “aging” but also with the beginning of arthritis setting in my right knee and the need to get physical therapy.

Also now that this hurricane/ tropical storm Irene now is history, I will more now keep this brief lesson on being humble in my list of priorities.


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