Rep. Allen West On The Issue Of Ending “Obamacare”

Rep. Allen West On The Issue Of Ending “Obamacare”

“Congressman Allen West (R-FL) speaking at his town hall in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

Congressman West talked about a wide range of issues including the economy, foreign policy, tax reform, cutting federal deficits & debt, the environment, energy policy and more.

Congressman West also took a lot of questions from the audience and met with his constituents and audience members after the town hall to answer more questions, talk one-on-one and take pictures with them.

Note: AeroGolf¬†¬†is sponsoring our new videos, such as this one, on our YouTube channel for the month of August 2011. AeroGolf is paying me (John D. Villarreal) for this sponsorship/promotional consideration and videos we create about AeroGolf and their products. However, I own all such sponsored videos and CNM has editorial control over all these videos. Cedar Joiner of AeroGolf is also my cousin. Please check all disclaimers & disclosures in the video. Each individual speaker’s opinion is solely his or her own. Our opinions expressed in the video are our true opinions.”

After having the start of having physical therapy for my arthritic right knee yesterday, more than ever I will be paying much more attention to the “Obamacare” issue.

With MANY THANKS To Both ConservativeNewMedia And YouTube. Watch Video Here:


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