Fit To Be Tied Indeed! (UPDATE)

Fit To Be Tied Indeed! (UPDATE)


While I was listening to both Jim Vicevich, who is both a friend of mine and is the host of a local conservative talk radio show on WTIC AM 1080 this mid-morning and now another conservative talk radio show host, Rush Limbaugh on his national show on what was said by James Hoffa Jr. as well the SILENCE that came from the President Barack Hussein Obama White House. Mr. Hoffa Jr., head of the Teamsters union, had given that speech in the city of Detroit, MI, USA, which is so very ironic because now, there is an effort to reduce the size of that city by tearing down buildings which have long have lost usefulness and convert the land to open space. Detroit became what it is now because of both the mismanagement of it by the Democrats and the increasing demands of the auto unions.

IMHO, when one is SILENT, one by that very silence GIVES FULL PERMISSION OR CONSENT to what one who is an allies or supporter says.

Also I am the daughter of a Pratt and Whitney Aircraft employee who when he was LIVING himself was a proud member of a union that HE was active in. My late father must be now doing breakdancing in his grave. Frankly, he would be SHOCKED to hear the garbage Mr. Hoffa Jr. said about “going to war” against every day Americans who are opposed to the polices of President Obama.

Also Mr. Hoffa Jr. FORGETS that most rank-and-file union members are mostly are conservative and are more often than not are active as tea part movement members.

Also this sure goes against President Obama’s call for civil communications in the aftermath of the attempt on the life of USA House of Representative Gabrielle Giffords earlier this year.

Also I see this as a DESPERATE attempt by the Democrats and their supporters to try to stand up against Americans who have HAD ENOUGH with an out-of-control Washington D.C. beltway. War has been declared on America by the Democrats and radical liberals. In the end, it is a war that they WILL NOT WIN.

I do not blog too often on classic rants and this one is a rare one, but I must because war has been declared on every day America and Americans.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my “rant.”

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