Voices Of 9/11 (Complete)

Voices Of 9/11 (Complete)

“This is the story of September 11th, 2001, told through the words of historical hindsight and the voices of that day. All of the audio, music, video, and pictures have been compiled and edited by me. “Voices of 9/11” is my best attempt to relay the key events and dramas of that horror to an audience within a reasonable time frame.
Almost ten years out, I am reloading this video in its entirety so as to better express the realities of this contemporary tragedy of global consequence. It was very difficult for me to put this project together, not just from the standard exertions that a film of this nature requires of an amateur 19 year-old, but because the subject matter was so emotionally draining to relive every time I sat down to edit. I hope that those who were too young to remember (which is an increasing demographic), and are now interested in learning more, take to heart the stories of that day: psychopathic evil was met with human heroism.┬áThank you.”

With MANY THANKS To Both AJ6644 And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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