BET Tv Founder Robert L. Johnson Tells It Just Like It Is

BET Tv Founder Robert L. Johnson Tells It Just Like It Is

In an interview on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, the founder of BET,(Black Entertainment Television) Robert L. Johnson, a successful businessman in his own right, who founded BET in 1980, then sold it to Viacom, for three billion dollars.Mr. Johnson, now at the present time chairman of RLJ took the time to  be seated for an interview with Mr. Pelley in this brief interview. When I took the time to watch this interview, even though Mr. Johnson himself is not running for any public office; as a businessman he should be given CREDIT for telling it just like it is.

Mr. Pelley gives in the beginning of the interview a brief description on the story of how Mr. Johnson began the BET channel and is asked about the very troubled American economy, the politico in-fighting in Washington D.C., and the damage this troubled economy has caused to minorities in the United States and in a special way to young minorities.

Mr. Johnson says why business people either in this country are doing one of two things either they sit on the sidelines and let the politicos in Washington D.C. have at it OR, opt to do business with countries that despite the reality that in the political arena, the governments are by American standards are nothing more than dictatorships such as China or Vietnam as given examples. Even the nation of Brazil, which for years has been regarded as a third world nation is NOW working hard to attract American businesses as the Washington D.C. beltway politicos go at each other on the federal debt that has grown larger in the past three years without controls comparing it to a group of people who go out to eat at a restaurant, “not having enough money to pay for the bill, not wanting to make the sacrifice that is needed, but instead call upon the waiter who comes with the bill and they keep on ordering.” 

As Mr. Johnson adds, “we just keep on piling on debt, and we keep piling on costs because we don’t want to make the hard choices.”

I give Mr. Johnson CREDIT that for once, he is TELLING WHAT SO MANY AMERICAN BUSINESS PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS, BY THEIR SITTING ON THE SAME SIDELINES OR DOING BUSINESS IN OTHER COUNTRIES that under the President Barack Hussein Obama White House not only the American people, but also American business has been suffering from the out-of-control spending, taxing, and over-regulations. Mr. Johnson IS NOT SPEAKING AS AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN BUT AS AN AMERICAN with these very blunt words.

What even made my day was his call for even TERM LIMITS! THAT IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR! 

What has been talked about for years by only conservative talk-radio show hosts and much more recent of members of the tea party movement now has even been said by this patriotic American business man the need to end the practice of the “career politicians”.

Translation: Washington D.C. Beltway, GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY!

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“Scott Pelley spoke with Robert L. Johnson, founder of BET and chairman of RLJ, to ask his take on America’s growing debt problem.”

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