Mr. September Wildcard: Herman Cain: UPDATE

Mr. September Wildcard: Herman Cain: UPDATE

Last weekend, during the Florida Republican Straw Poll gathering, coming after the debate in Orlando,Florida,USA came a very stunning surprise: the person who won the straw poll vote was successful business man, a computer engineer, and trained mathematician by the name of Herman Cain. Because of his stunning win which is now taking place during the end of the regular Major League Baseball season for not only division titles but for the “wild card” title, I call him “Mr. September Wildcard”.

During most of this year, I have been not decided who I would be supporting as far as GOP or Republican candidate. I wanted to see who would present the strongest message for the need for the Washington D.C. beltway to begin to be CLEANED OUT of the overkill in spending, taxing, and overregulations.

Right now, I am starting to study Mr. Cain with interest his positions on a number of issues, and most important, economic.

What interests me is what Mr. Cain proposes, in what is called the “9-9-9” plan. What it is all about is that there is A: 9 percent income tax B: 9 percent national sales tax and C: 9 percent corporate income tax. ¬†What little there is, which does not surprise me, since there has been little said about Mr. Cain himself, or worse not in a good way saying he does not have a chance at becoming the GOP or Republican nominee shows what IMHO is a very BRIGHT IDEA for what could be a needed tax reform effort that could help to restore the American economy.

With MANY THANKS Both Aaron Sharockman And Read More Here:\”The Facts On Herman Cain\’s 9-9-9 Tax Reform Plan\”

Here is Mr. Cain at the recent Faith And Freedom Event, By John D. Villarreal of Conservative New Media. With MANY THANKS To Mr. Villarreal, Conservative New Media, And YouTube.Watch Video Here:

Mr. Cain to HIS CREDIT bats this out-of-ballpark, just like the very best players on the MLB teams that are getting ready to go into playoff mode by winning the division title or by going for the wildcard title by citing a large numbers of “crisis” or difficulties that the United States of America is NOW FACING BIGTIME.

In the above speech, Mr. Cain also explains the 9-9-9 plan in full.

IMHO, I am not surprised WHY Mr. Cain won the Florida straw poll vote. He goes into detail with a game plan that can be a possible answer to restoring the American economy. Could this be the winning home run for team United States of America.

This is why I call Mr. Cain “Mr. September Wildcard.”

Also as a bonus, I have added a write-up from the Human Events online edition. It is a poll from Zogby poll. With MANY THANKS To Both John Hayward And Human Events. Read More Here:\”Herman Cain Leads Republican Field In Zogby Poll\”


“Erica Hill and Chris Wragge talk to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain about Pres. Obama, the economy and his GOP competitors.”

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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