Why Is Herman Cain Showing Strength?

Why Is Herman Cain Showing Strength?

In over the last week, I have been taking a close interest in Herman Cain. Since his surprise win in the Florida Straw Poll nearly two weeks ago even the old MSM is taking interest as well.

What is it that makes Mr. Cain tick? Is it that he is a voice not only of REASON, offering ideas on what CAN BE DONE to bring life back into the American economy, but also by being a VOICE OF POSITIVE HOPE AND THINKING.

Starting with his proposed “9-9-9” plan, in which in a previous blog article it is explained in-depth:

\”Mr. September Wildcard: Herman Cain: UPDATE

Which gives CITIZENS IN THE UNITED STATES who have been on the receiving end of a very difficult economy and in turn using what President Barack Hussein Obama, to play on a few words, “having skin in the game.” That would include people who do not pay into income tax at all right now. This would not only produce a much more fair and balanced level for economic growth and freedom for EVERYONE, but be the foundation for an economic renewed America.

But also Mr. Cain serves as a REMINDER that people in the United States is growing FED-UP with the BUSINESS AS USUAL run around in Washington D.C.

Mr. Cain is also a fruitful result of the efforts by members of the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT. A movement that is from the grassroots level since 2009 and because of the behind-the-scenes-efforts which has resulted in the election of the conservative GOP Republicans in November of 2010 and now is working to “make a difference” come November of 2012 USA Presidential elections.

Look for more interviews and information to come out from Mr. Cain in a direct manner and from those who work with him.

“Political correspondent Jan Crawford speaks to the “Early Show” anchors about the gradual rise of candidate Herman Cain in the GOP presidential race.”

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“The “Early Show” anchors take a look at Herman Cain’s performance in the latest CBS News poll. Also, “Team Fast Draw” Josh Landis and Mitch Butler share their animated approach in a profile of GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain.”

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“What’s the difference in the approach of these two business leaders — Romney and Cain — to creating jobs?”

With MANY THANKS To Both dickmorrisreports And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

Dick Morris himself comments on who is Herman Cain.

With MANY THANKS To Both Massteaparty And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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