More Than A Businessman, A Pioneer, A Giant (Steve Jobs)

More Than A Businessman, A Pioneer, A Giant (Steve Jobs)

Today, this morning, following last night the news announcement that co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs has passed on at the age of 56 from cancer and having his family by his side. While I did not know him on a personal level, because of the Apple Mac computer, I can do this blog article and all other blog articles.

When I first came upon the Apple computer and Steve Jobs by extension, it was when I was attending community college and coming after a bigtime struggle to learn back than with a DOS run PC program called Lotus. It was the middle 1990’s and also when I had decided to go from general studies to something a bit more creative, called graphic design/multimedia. It was at the time spring semester and it was through taking desktop publishing and with the wonderful help of a graphic design teacher now friend whom she introduced me to the JOY of Apple Mac computing. I had from that time onward, fallen in love with the Apple Mac computer and all things Apple.

Since I have had been battling learning challenges myself and because of Steve Jobs and his wonderful invention, I was able to graduate from community college. Also now I am able to blog and listen to my favorite music, and begin to rediscover art and graphic design as well as current events with animal rescue groups as well.

Mr. Jobs, I will miss you and your creative style. But you made a BIG DIFFERENCE in the world of computing and business. Thank-You for your achievements to not on I but to all who are fans of Apple products.

My prayers and condolences to your dear family and friends, as well as to my fellow Apple Mac supporters.

Goodbye, God Bless, Eternal Rest, Rest In Peace, Mr. Jobs.

"A Young Steve Jobs"
Apple Computer INC, at its begining.
"RIP Steve Jobs"
Goodbye, God Bless, Eternal Rest, Rest In Peace

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