Protest For Pay: UPDATE

Protest For Pay: UPDATE

Last night came upon this help wanted over at “Craigslist” of New York, via Free Republic about being hired to protest on Wall Street. It was posted by the “Working Families Party” or WFP. This comes as no surprised, because I have always believed that these protesters were or are a rent-a-mob which is often refered to by conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh. Unlike the “Tea Party Movement” in which the who are people involved in it have LIVES for themselves, including WORKING, going to school, or doing volunteer work. Plus tea party protesters DO NOT do protesting for pay, but out of principle. Principles is what guilds the “Tea Party Movement”.


"Screenshot Of Craigslist Looking For Protesters For Pay"
Help Wanted Ad Looking For Protesters

With MANY THANKS To Craigslist. Read More Here:\”Craigslist Help Wanted Add For Protesters\”

With MANY THANKS To Free Republic: \”Free Republic Website\”

3 thoughts on “Protest For Pay: UPDATE

  1. Wow! These people are morons! It burns me up every time I hear someone try and compare the Tea Party to these anti-American socialist freaks. All they want is money for nothing. Well… I have news for them. It doesn’t work that way and it will NEVER work that way.

    Thanks for this post!

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