A Fired Up Candidacy

A Fired Up Candidacy

Could the GOP experience the surprise of its life as a political party? Could this be the beginning of a rebirth and renewal of a major political party?

By what I have been reading this morning and this afternoon, from Drudgereport via Free Republic:

"RASMUSSEN POLL: Cain 29% Romney 29% Gingrich 10%..."
This should come as NO SURPRISE. People who are rank-and-file Republicans are beginning to stand up to the “GOP establishment” with this ONE MESSAGE: You CANNOT ANYMORE DICTATE to us who we are going to support as the front-runner. It has to end. It is also shown in the lead that Herman Cain is by being tied with Mitt Romney, 29% to 29%, add that to Newt Gingrich being in third place, at 10%.
With MANY THANKS To Rasmussen Reports, Drudgereport, And Free Republic:¬†\”Election 2012: Republican Presidential Primary\”
Also the message of Mr. Cain is going out and drawing interest:
With MANY THANKS To Both secularstupidest And YouTube. Watch Video Here:
And not just also interest in Mr. Cain and his 9+9+9 plan, but also Newt Gingrich presents what he has to offer. This is a sign with a message about the importance of ¬†possible Republican primary voters to the GOP establishment that it is the primary voters not the establishment that is supposed to “drive the bus.”
"Newt Gingrich"
Even there is interest in Newt Gingrich.
Also another lesson, this is still early and things can and does change. This is why I question the wisdom of having an early listing of primaries. This is not wise. Not just only because it is a few weeks to Christmas, but also it could be a sign of panic in the GOP establishment. It is better to keep the plan of having the primaries early next year, but then again, would that very same establishment listen to little old me?

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