Advice To President Obama

Advice To President Obama

“President Obama at a campaign fundraiser in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday night: “Now, I want to be very clear here. Nobody wants to punish success in America. The Republicans talk about class warfare. That’s — our goal is to make success available for everybody. What’s great about this country is you’ve got a good idea, you’ve got a service that nobody else has thought of, you know what, go out there, start a business. Make money. I want everybody out there to be rich. That’s great. Anybody in America should be able to make it if they try.”

“But none of us make it on our own. Somebody — an outstanding entrepreneur like a Steve Jobs — somewhere along the line he had a teacher who helped inspire him. All those great Internet businesses wouldn’t have succeeded unless somebody had invested in the government research that helped to create the Internet. We don’t succeed on our own.”

Oh President Barack Hussein Obama, I have WORD OF ADVICE for you. The best way to help private business out or those who aspire to have a successful private business is GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY MR. PRESIDENT!

With MANY THANKS To FoxNation. Read More Here:\”Obama: \’None of Us Make It on Our Own\’ Without Government Help\”

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