President Obama Could Lose The White House, With Help From Occupy Wall Street

President Obama Could Lose The White House, With Help From Occupy Wall Street

If President Barak Hussein Obama is soundly defeated come next November, express thanks not only to the struggling economy, but also the Occupy Wall Street.

With the OWS protests still going on in New York City, Boston, and elsewhere, with city halls on the receiving end of many complaints, efforts are under way to seen these protesters packing.

Look for things to get really, really  UGLY very fast. As reported on ABC News website:”

Occupy Wall  Street put out a call on Facebook and Twitter today for people to “donate or purchase brooms, mops, squeegees, dust pans, garbage bags, power washers and any other cleaning supplies.”

The group which has been camping out in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park for more than three weeks is trying to preempt the cleaning of the park that is scheduled for Friday.

“They’re going to use the cleanup to get us out of here,” said 25-year-old Justin Wedes. “It’s a de facto eviction notice.”

With MANY THANKS To Both dickmorrisreports And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“The demonstrations will turn against Obama and will further undermine his chances of re-election.  Dick explains why.”

“They have been beaten, pepper sprayed, and arrested. But the determination of the Occupy Wall Street protesters is growing, along with their numbers. What started with a small group of activists camping outside the New York Stock Exchange in mid-September, quickly spread nationwide. Thousands of Americans are fed up with breaking their backs while Wall Street corporations grow fat on the profits. However, the call to end the big-bank mentality seems to be falling on deaf ears in the White House. RT talks to Ann Wright who’s a retired U.S. army colonel, and also an activist of Occupy DC.”

The truth is that people are getting fed-up with these protests and look for the demand that these protests end. Also consider that both President Obama and the Democrats OWN the OWS movement and with a growing interest in the candidates in the GOP/Republican field, look for a BIG CLEANOUT come next November.

Give the Tea Party Movement CREDIT, the folks GO HOME after the rallies are DONE.

With MANY THANKS To Both RussiaToday And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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With MANY THANKS To Both ABC News Online. Read More Here:\”Occupy Wall Street Plans Human Chain To Prevent Clean-Up\”

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