Just As I Had Said About Occupy Wall Street In New York City, It Is Getting UGLY: UPDATE

Just As I Had Said About Occupy Wall Street In New York City, It Is Getting UGLY: UPDATE

The title of this blog post says it all.

As predicted, the protests going down on Wall Street, New York City, USA of Occupy Wall Street is starting to get really, really ugly. It began over the issue of cleaning up the Zuccotti Park during the past few days. This park, which is a “private park” to begin with and because of it not being cleaned up in a number of weeks, unsanitary conditions were building up. With that, a good number of complaints from people who come into contact with that area. Since the protests began about one month ago and since it has not be cleaned up and maintained, because the protesters have been camping out there as well as protesting and up until today there has not been any efforts to keep Zuccotti Park clean, maintained, and orderly by the OWS protesters.

When the owners of the Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Properties, sent out a few days ago notice that the park needs a major cleaning up, the OWS protesters thought it was going to become an excuse to kick the protesters out. So protesters decided to do the job themselves in order to pre-empt any possible effort to have the protesters kicked out.

This morning, the OWS and the NYPD came to blows in a violent confrontation.

This should come as NO SURPRISE because the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are in NO WAY like the “Tea Party Movement.” Unlike the Tea Party movement which is willing to work in the system via supporting and campaigning for conservative GOP/Republicans for public office, translation, via the ballot box. This “Occupy Wall Street” protests resorts what it KNOWS BEST, VIOLENCE.

With MANY THANKS To Both StageRightShow And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

By deciding to not help to clean up Zuccotti Park and deciding to go violent, “Occupy Wall Street” protesters has simply become anarchists. Also by supporting the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters, the Democrats, starting with President Barack Hussein Obama as well as those in the United States of America House of Representatives and the Senate has sealed their election fate come next November, November 2012 at the ballot box.

"Occupy Wall Street Protests In New York City Turning UGLY"
As I had predicted this was going to happen, it was going to get ugly.


The decision to do the park cleanup has been postponed.

With MANY THANKS To Frank Rosario,Danny Gold, And New York Post. Read More Here:\”Protesters March On Wall St. After Park Cleanup Postponed, Get Into Scuffle With Cops\”


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