RUMBLE In Las Vegas

RUMBLE In Las Vegas

Glad last night I was at the “Life In The Holy Spirit Seminar” and not home having watched what took place in Las Vegas.

Last night’s Republican debate was anything else but civil. Las Vegas, which I call the American version of the “city of lights” and where fortunes have been won and lost. Also famous for boxing matches. Last night for I watching highlight videos, it was “there was a fight and a political debate broke out.”

From the CNN Website:”LAS VEGAS (CNN) — Seven Republican presidential candidates engaged in a sometimes contentious debate Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, as bad blood boiled between front-runners and the surging Herman Cain found his opponents taking aim at his tax plan.”

An old msm response in summary to what I have said: “there was a fight and a political debate broke out.”

And it was like a prize-fight indeed. The attention was paid to Herman Cain and his “9+9+9”  economic idea. To Mr. Cain’s credit, he kept calm and explained in detail.

Overall from the brief videos, it looked like it is a tie between Mr. Cain and former United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich. Both calmly but being very firm gave in-depth answers.

With MANY THANKS To Both CBSNewsOnline And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“At Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas Tuesday, candidates, including Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, hammered Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan, though still praising his boldness and vision.”

Even both Governor Rick Perry in Texas and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney went after each other bigtime. A sure sign that Governor Perry is fighting for his political life and former Governor Romney is showing more of his true colors.

“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says he’s never hired an illegal immigrant “in my life.” But it was disclosed in 2007 that a lawn care company doing work at Romney’s home had employed illegal immigrants. (Oct. 18)”

With MANY THANKS To Both The AP And YouTube. Watch Video Here:
Last night frankly I was VERY HAPPY that I was out of the house and not watching what looked like a school yard during the noontime lunch break.  Frankly it is time for those Republican United States Presidential candidates focus away from each other and focus on President Barack Hussein Obama who is over these last few years is WORKING HARD to destroy the United States of America.

With MANY THANKS To Both CNN, Paul Steinhauser, And Peter Hamby. Read More Here:\”Five Things We Learned From Tuesday\’s GOP Debate\”

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