Growing Angry Backlash Against Occupy Wall Street Movement: UPDATE: UPDATE Part 2

Growing Angry Backlash Against Occupy Wall Street Movement: UPDATE: UPDATE Part 2

Could it be at last that Americans have it with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and now are saying in their own way, “enough is enough?”

With reports from a number of locations where Occupy Wall Street in a number of American cities, according to a number of news reports in the last few days:

From CBS Boston:”BOSTON (CBS) – A man and woman were arrested in Dewey Square for allegedly selling heroin to an undercover police officer.Thirty-four-year-old Isaac Bell and 31-year-old Charlene Dumont both face drug charges. The two were living in a tent with Occupy Boston protesters on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.Boston Police officers had been aware of drug activity in the park, and went in to investigate.”

From CBS Washington:”NORFOLK, Va. (CBS Washington) — “Occupy Norfolk” is struggling to find an identity as some protesters laugh about what the goal of the movement is.

While the movement has taken the steps to set up a campsite and base of operations in Commercial Plaza– symbolically close in proximity to Bank of America and BB&T locations — they reportedly haven’t worked out the specifics of what they want to do.”

From KRLD1080/CBS DFW:”DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Dallas Police continue to investigate whether a teenage runaway was sexually assaulted by an adult male at the Occupy Dallas encampment behind City Hall.”

From what I have been reading in the comments, they read more coming from people who are simply are getting fed-up with all this Occupy Wall Street protests. These folks have what I call “a life,”  working, or looking for work, attending college, running small businesses, added with these responsibilities, bringing up children, helping out with aging parents, or dealing with personal health issues. They are TOO BUSY to be camping out and protesting.

These are the same folks who after over a month of these protests, their patience is NOW starting to run out in regards to the OWS protesters. Look for what I call the new “silent majority” that the leadership in these and the other cities where the protests are going on to press for a calling for an end to what I now call this new form of protests by camping out, “the new Hooverville or now Obamaville” protests camps.

While I am no fan of winter and of the snow, I look forward to when the first snowflakes begin to fall and will see these protests campers begin to melt away.

With MANY THANKS To Both musicvideoswhd And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

This above video is for those Occupy Wall Street drummers who drum both day and night, driving people CRAZY in the areas affected.


From what I have seen, it looks like even in what would be considered “liberal” cities, the “OWS” protest crowd has worn out its welcome. In Oakland, CA, USA, police used tear gas in what was called a “cat and mouse game”.

From”OAKLAND, Calif. — Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators’ repeated agitations.”

With MANY THANKS To Both Read More Here:\”Police Tear Gas Occupy Protesters Multiple Times\”

With MANY THANKS To DFW CBS Local. Read More Here:\”Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas\”

With MANY THANKS To CBS Washington. Read More Here:\”Occupy Norfolk\” Struggles to Find \”Definitive End List\” For Movement\”

With MANY THANKS To CBS Boston. Read More Here:\”Pair Living With Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Selling Heroin\”

UPDATE Part 2:

With MANY THANKS To RussiaToday And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“Police in Oakland, California, have been trying hard to scare off Occupy Wall Street protesters that kept coming back to the city hall. The activists wanted to re-establish a tent camp torn down earlier. 97 people “have been arrested.”

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