It Was A Wild Ride

It Was A Wild Ride

It was a wild ride for the St. Louis Cardinals to go from being lifeless back at the end of August to becoming Major League World Series winners.

From St. Louis Today website:”ST. LOUIS • Those searching for omens found one early. The first words uttered within the Citizens Bank Ballpark following Roy Halladay’s first pitch of the postseason to the Cardinals’ Rafael Furcal confirmed something was afoot.

Temperature: 64.

An indelible number in Cardinals lore received a companion Friday night at Busch Stadium when a team that thought itself listless, even underachieving, in late August completed one of the most remarkable reversals in the game’s history by defeating the Texas Rangers 6-2 in Game 7 of the World Series.”

From a team that calls the “show me state” home has shown it CAN win the World Series in Major League Baseball. 

To the Texas Rangers who have to go through another winter wondering what could have been, I say, that may you take from this second trip to the World Series the comfort that you can do it, and that there is still HOPE for you that you CAN win it all come next season, 2012.

Once again, congrats to the Cardinals for pulling off what was thought to have been an “impossible dream.”

“”The city of St. Louis is celebrating another World Series championship as the Cardinals beat the Texas Rangers 6-2 in Game 7 Friday night. Cards third baseman David Freese was named the Series MVP as Chris Carpenter got the win. (Oct. 28)”

With MANY THANKS To Both AP And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS To Both Joe Strauss And St. Louis Today. Read More Here:\”11TH HEAVEN: Wild Cards Win World Series!\”

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