PANIC NOT! This Is Simply A Test!

PANIC NOT! This Is Simply A Test!

Today at 2PM, both the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will today conduct a special emergency alert nationwide on both earth radio and television which will last up to about three-and-a-half minutes.

Even though both earth radio and tv stations have been doing this test on a once-a-month basis, it has been done a local level. But what will take place today is a first, on a national level.

It will take place in the USA and its territories.

From the UK Daily Mail Online website:”Wednesday’s test will look and sound very similar to the local tests of the Emergency Alert System that occur frequently; the public will hear a message indicating that ‘This is a test’ on broadcast radio and television stations, cable television, satellite radio and television services and wire line video service providers.

The disruption will occur across all states and the territories of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa.”

Going on further:

“FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wrote: ‘The various disasters our country has faced this year underscore the need for effective and well-tested emergency alert and warning systems that could be used in a time of real emergency, at a moment’s notice.

‘The purpose of the test is to allow FEMA and the FCC to assess how well the Emergency Alert System would perform its primary function: alerting the public about a national emergency.’

The test is conducted to help identify any positive changes that could be made as FEMA, the FCC and other partners continue working to build ‘a modernised and fully accessible Emergency Alert System’, according to a press release issued by the organisations.

FCC and FEMA are also asking stakeholders to make sure their communities are aware of key facts about the test, including that the test .

The letter continued: ‘As with all of our work, we know that the support of our state, local, tribal and territorial partners, along with the private sector, our faith-based and disability communities, and other key stakeholders, will be vital to effectively raising the public’s awareness of the test and minimizing undue public concern.”

What I do have concerns is that, despite all the public service announcements over the last few weeks, will people in the USA, those who have NOT paid ANY ATTENTION at all to them, rather paying attention to shows such as “Dancing With The Stars” or the “X Factor”, could they very much end up in a BIGTIME MAJOR LEAGUE PANIC FIT over this test this afternoon?

Today I will simply treat this just like I would if it was on the local level, keep the radio OFF.

Ironic, this will take place during the “Rush Limbaugh Show” time slot, which take place during the 12NOONPM-3PM EST time slot.

More of your USA federal government at work.

With MANY THANKS To Both CityofMcAllen And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS To Both The UK Daily Mail And Daily Mail Reporter. Read More Here:\”Don\’t panic! FEMA Urges Americans Not To Worry As National Alert System Is Tested\”

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