A Mother’s Love, The Blessed Virgin Mary Saying YES To God

A Mother’s Love, The Blessed Virgin Mary Saying YES To God

Tomorrow when the sun goes will end Advent 2011 and begin the real season of Christmas 2011. This Advent season, which is coming to an end was a very difficult one for me. Having dealt with first a tooth abscess and the death of one of my teeth during the weekend of Thanksgiving and having to go to the dental emergency at the University of Connecticut Medical And Dental Hospital to have it treated, at first having been given the opportunity to have a root canal treatment and then being told that the tooth was not worth being saved and down the road it will have to be removed. 

All the stress of the above incidents lead to I having just dealing with a cold which has to an extent affected my soprano singing voice, which may force me to go a bit lower in my singing range as well. Often during this Advent, I was thinking a lot of the Blessed Virgin Mary, not only of her say YES to become the Mother of God but of all that what take place in that great and awesome honor.

Was thinking not only of the joy she had that not only she would take part in the redemption of those whom God calls to put their faith in Him, but also of the joy of meeting the mother of the one who would go ahead of him proclaiming his coming as well. More often than that, I would often think of the long, tiring, and difficult trip by both Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem in order not only to obey the decree of Cesar Augustus ordering a census but also to make reality what was spoken in prophecy about the Savior being born in that little town. I often thought the long and difficult month I have had in relation to the road that I had to take to go to that holy place called Bethlehem and to the cave to give thanks and praise to the newborn baby King of Kings.  That very same Blessed Virgin Mary would continue by her saying YES to God to the very day she would witness her son’s suffering and death on the cross. 

With the Blessed Mother’s support, as well as with God’s help, I was able to overcome many years of fears of going to the dentist and not being able to forgive the poor dental medical treatment I had received in the past by starting over again with a new dentist whom I come to feel much more comfortable working with I on my dental medical issues.

While this Advent 2011 was not what I was expecting or planning, I realized that with the Blessed Mother, and her love, walking by me while I had been struggling with my health issues, helped me to prepare for the coming of her son, my Lord and Savior Jesus on Christmas morning.

Thank-you Blessed Mother for being with me and for teaching me the TRUE meaning of both Advent and Christmas.

May the love of the Blessed Mother Mary be a comfort and support to not only my dear ones, be they family or friends, but to all during this Christmas season and in 2012.

With MANY THANKS To Reba McEntire, anikethdsouza And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

With MANY THANKS To Amy Grant, tonycdrive, And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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