After USA Armed Forces Came Home From Iraq: Could It Become Another Yugoslavia?

After USA Armed Forces Came Home From Iraq: Could It Become Another Yugoslavia?

Now that the United States armed forces men and woman have left Iraq and have come home, what will now happen to the nation of Iraq in the process of this transition?

While I am happy that those men and women who have served the United States and did so in Iraq, adding also my many THANK-YOUS to them for their service to the United States of America, this turning over of the military command to the rebuilt Iraqi armed forces in Iraq still leaves me with this question: could Iraq become the middle eastern version of former Yugoslavia?

Even over at CNN, Wolf Blitzer, in his blog spoke about a possible breakup of Iraq, maybe into three separate nations, just as Yugoslavia, once Josip Broz Tito, its dictator, had passed on broke up into separate nations. What was once a whole nation, broke -up up into the present day nations of Slovenia,Croatia,Serbia,Kosovo,Macedonia,and Montenegro. From Mr. Blitzer’s blog:

“As you also know, Iraq has had bitter ethnic tensions for a long time among Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. It was held together for a long time by Saddam Hussein’s brutal dictatorship. For the almost nine years since Saddam’s removal, it has been held together by a huge U.S. military presence.

But with U.S. troops now out of the country, I suspect we could be on the verge of seeing Iraq spiral into civil war. We already have seen a series of terrorist attacks in recent days. My fear is that this will only get worse.

The Sunnis clearly don’t trust the Shiites, especially Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Some of his recent actions, including an arrest warrant for the Sunni vice president, have fueled this fear of a civil war.”

The additional concern I do have is that, with the Middle East having been through a heck of a year with its much talked about “Arab Spring”, now that the American troops are home, Iraq in a possible civil war could make a possible “Arab Spring” sequel in the form of it breaking up into three countries, one for the Kurds, who for all purposes have a nation in a nation even despite their Turkish neighbors not being all that crazy in seeing the Kurds going independent and being nervous for their own Kurdish minorities. Add to that the Shia Muslims will want to jump ship and join up with next door Iran and that the Sunni Muslims going in their own direction, a civil war is not out-of-the question. Also a fourth group, Iraqi Christians all the more fleeing Iraq for much more safe and secure life in other countries. It would not surprise me because Iraq from its beginning was a nation that was an artificial nation-state set-up from its start.

My final conclusion: look for three new nations to emerge from what was Iraq.

With MANY THANKS To Both CNN/Situationroom Blog And Wolf Blitzer. Read More Here:“BLITZER’S BLOG: Iraq Could Break Apart”

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