Tragic Mistakes

Tragic Mistakes

Tragic mistakes which lead to the horrible fire in Stamford, CT, USA on Christmas Day was a series of “tragic mistakes”.

From the New York Post Newspaper website:”Two fatal mistakes may have cost the lives of the three little girls and their grandparents who died Christmas morning when a century-old Victorian mansion went up in flames and turned into a death trap.

Fire marshals in Stamford, Conn., said the owner’s boyfriend, contractor Michael Borcino, put still-smoldering embers from a yule log into some kind of a bag — and then left it leaning against an outside rear wall of the $1.7 million house.

The marshals said the embers had not been doused with water.

On the other side of the wall was a mud room.

When the wall caught fire between 3 and 3:30 a.m., the five people sleeping on the second and third floors had no warning — because there were no functioning smoke detectors.”

Plus from what I saw in the picture of the house before the fire, it looked like there was still renovation work going on, and that the house was simply not ready to be moved into or in other words, the local rules of housing code laws, because if one is a politico, rich, or having “connections” to all the right people, certain health or safety codes could be disregarded. The sad reality in all this is that five people, including three little girls, died in a house fire that could have simply been prevented. The people I really do feel bad for the most, besides the family, are those first responders or fire fighters who will have to deal with this horrible house fire aftermath for the rest of their lives.

All of this is simply a tragic lesson on being “responsible”.

With MANY THANKS To Reuven Fenton In Stamford, CT, USA, Chuck Bennett In New York City, And The New York Post. Read More Here:“The Mistakes That Took 5 Lives”

“Embers from a fireplace are to blame for a deadly fire on Christmas Day in Stamford that killed three children and their grandparents.”

With MANY THANKS To WTNH Tv And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“(WTNH) — The mayor of Stamford says it appears the cause of a Christmas Day blaze that killed three children and their grandparents was related to a fireplace in the home.”

With MANY THANKS To Both WTNH Tv And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

“(WTNH) — Stamford fire officials plan today to release the results of the investigation into a fire that killed five people on Christmas morning.”

With MANY THANKS To Both WTNH Tv And YouTube. Watch Video Here:

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