Dawn Of A New Year (2012)

Dawn Of A New Year (2012)

After my brief visit to the local no-kill cat shelter I go to socialize cats and older kittens, and writing a short note about the first cat to be adopted on yesterday, Sunday, January 1, 2012, New Years Day, as well as in the Roman Catholic Church, the feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, as well as World Day Prayer for Peace.

On this Monday extention of the New Year, one of the resolutions I am planning to do is not only more faith-related blog articles, but also articles on animals, and in a special way, on companion and wild life animal rescue as well as related issues. Plus also special articles on current events, including United States Presidential Election 2012 issues and sports.

Other than for what I am planning to do for future blog entries, I look at the new year 2012 as a year to make much important needed changes in my life on all three levels, soul, mind, and body. That is why after today, will limit my blog entries per day to no more than four to six per day.

On this second day of 2012, may this new year be a year that is healthy, safe, productive, and wonderful overall. God Bless.

"Blessed Mother Of Perpetual Help"
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

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