Tim Tebow, Preaching From The Field

Tim Tebow, Preaching From The Field

Last night’s win by the Denver Broncos over the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime was nothing short of thrilling. Watching as much of the National Football League, or NFL playoffs game which took place in Denver, CO, USA, in between watching EWTN’s Father Benedict Grouchel’s Sunday Night weekly show presentation.

Coming back to what was left of the playoff game, and seeing that Pittsburgh had tied Denver in points, 23 to 23, which ended up going into overtime and this part of the game it was the best that was saved for last. Mr. Tebow would throw what would be a highpoint in his career: 316 yards, plus with two touchdowns, which included a touchdown by Demaryius Thomas of 80 yards which was the game winner, the end score resulting in 29 to 23, Denver Broncos over Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Broncos will next go up against the New England Patriots this coming Saturday night.

Even also now, Mr. Tebow is given credit for the creation of a new word, called “tebowing” in which it is based on the practice that Mr. Tebow does, by kneeling and praying, which as a committed Christian, has become a very often seen practice. Give Mr. Tebow CREDIT that he is doing what, the tebowing, is his SILENT WITNESS and PREACHING to WHOM REAL CREDIT is to be given, not to him, but to a greater or a higher power, meaning God.

Mr. Tebow not only talks the talk, but does the walk.

"Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos Quarter Back"
Tim Tebow

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